Thursday, March 17, 2011


Sometimes, the best things are worth the wait.
So, just be patient and take things in stride..
credit to naddy!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3 months

its time to move on..thanx for the sweet memories..
i got new friends, new sisters, new wonderful my 3 months life with you guys!

knowing you guys, make me realize that there still nice people around..=D

my thought of "sometimes, strangers can be like a family" becoming deeper...

Boss: Thanx for the are the great boss i ever had..even though you know the super complicated of my situation, you still can accept. Thus, i really feel guilty right now..kinda selfish kan? sorry! i have to..

kak ros: good sister! thats it..these words are the greatest words to describe you sis..boss surely fortunate to have you~..i'm praying hard that you two akan bahagia sampai

kawan2: thanx..take care, eat well+live well! (kalau anda bisa dengar!)

big boss: thanx for the golden opportunity offered..but, so sorry i can't accept it right least i got the feel as an important asset to company...=D.. i will work hard and with the god willing, i wanna be somebody like you..and even better..=P

Qadin tadabuka li amrin, In fatinta lahu farbak linafsika an tar’aa maal hamali

"Mereka telah mencalunkan engkau untuk satu urusan (penting). Jika engkau sedar (harapan itu), jauhilah kamu dari (bergelumang) dalam perkara yang remeh temeh (kerana ini akan menghampakan harapan mereka terhadap kamu)). "
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