Wednesday, December 1, 2010

who are you?

hard to believe or trust people..that's me..sorry it is just a matter of time..

hard to forgive people..that's me (but try' hard to forgive..can it be good enough?)..most of the time i will say "its ok"..but it is not 100% ok..still need some precious time to recover as i badly hope that i can forgive..everybody knows, it is not a "seronok" feeling to be kept for such a long time..(buat dosa je kan..huhu)

hard to get hurt..that's me (heartless?..stubborn?..kinda) just don't worth it to be sad or feeling low as nobody has right to make you feel so..yeah~..i'm a precious, you too~

hard to make a decision..that's was mind keep changing every 10 minutes..conflict here and there..but the end of the day will find out that the decision is a good far it happens most of the time..thats why, most of the times my instinct is reliable also..(show off?..taklah..=P)..tapi really unfortunate anybody who involves in the conflict period..(sorry mak..sorry frens..aigoo fatin~)

everybody is life with their own way..thank you for accepting as how i am today..sorry for any harsh words, harsh acts which i believe it is not intentionally happened especially for those who always besides me, 24/7...yes, i am not very good in treating people but i want you to believe that i'm trying very hard to make your life become easier, by not giving all of you problem..if any, i'm so sorry..

please don't give your honest to your frens..the moment you think about giving up, think of the reason why you held on so long (izzatiabdulhalimzaki, 2010)..=)

sayonara people!...

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